Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Morning After . . .

Some pics around town this morning after the big snow . . .


  1. I sincerely feel bad for the people living on the narrow streets with tight parking (in good weather,let alone this mess). I do not see where they can go with the snow as they shovel their cars out. Those streets seem to need the most help and my guess is that they are last to get it.

  2. It is horrible. We have nowhere to go with the snow. I'm hoping that the Borough does what they did during our last blizzard. A few days after they came knocking on everyones door and told them to move their cars. They came up the block with dump trucks and snow blowers and cleared the snow from curb to curb. It was wonderful! Most 2 way streets are now one way - someone has to reverse to the nearest intersection if there are vehicles coming both ways. Once you get out of your parking spot - you can't double park to clear your spot because you have to move if a vehicle comes up/down the street. One trip around my block took me 22 minutes yesterday due to cars being double parked and having to keep reversing and taking an alternative route.

  3. The job was done and done well!