Sunday, January 31, 2016

About Town

Some recent pics from around town . . .

 I-105 at Advance Auto Parts on Saturday


 Yep, it's a boat.

 The secret staging area of the nefarious phone books
(Invasion is imminent.)

Jack Skellingtons on a pajama person

Little red chair, why are you there?

 We have a snow removal ordinance, but it appears that not all sidewalks are required to be cleared - like this one at Commerce and Walnut . . .

. . . and this Columbia Plaza sidewalk along Barber Street.

 Resident of Lloyd Mifflin House at Second and Walnut, extending a proprietary paw.

Other critters around town seemed none the worse for wear a week after the big snowstorm . . .

Speaking of critters, this sign recently appeared on the first block of South Third Street.

Down by the river . . .

 On reflection . . .

 The short and winding road

 Tracks in the snow

 River of snow

                A shadow of her present self

 The snowman cometh



The weather was unseasonably warm today (Sunday), and skies were mostly clear, a fact that didn't escape pilots, judging by the inordinate amount of air traffic . . .

 Stitch in the sky

 Two jets . . . racing?

 A "closer-up" view

Cue the ominous music, because the plane shown above is from Qatar Airways, the state-owned flag carrier of the State of Qatar, an Arab country that has reportedly funded such terrorist groups as Al-Qaeda and ISIS. So why is it allowed in our airspace?

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