Monday, December 14, 2015

Back at it at the tracks

Workmen were on the scene at Front and Walnut again today to resolve issues related to that intersection, which is part of the Route 441 bypass project.  Road paving was finished well over a month ago. Sources tell Columbia Spy that the road could be opened within the next two weeks, possibly as early as this Thursday.
Stay tuned . . .

The two workmen shown below installed No Pedestrian Crossing signs at the intersection today to prevent crossing on one side of the street.  Pedestrians headed to Columbia River Park are expected to cross on the same side as the Eastern Drillers building to the opposite side where the ADA access is located. Unfortunately, the ADA access exits onto the tracks, as can be seen HERE. This issue, which may involve removal of a section of track, will need to be resolved before wheelchair riders can safely cross.


  1. I don't understand how a section of tracks can be removed. There will have to be a cement walkway from the ADA to the part of Walnut Street that leads over the tracks into the park. Otherwise people in wheelchairs would have to cross and go back out onto 441 in order to get over the tracks. The entire set-up appears confusing and dangerous, I sure hope those in charge can figure it out.

    1. Yes. I'm so ready for this project to be over with.