Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sam, you've racked up quite a bill

Shown in the photos below are 18 pages currently posted on the front of the "troubled" building at 208-210 Locust Street, including invoices and a letter from the borough manager to property owner Samuel Bigler.  The building was thought to be in imminent danger of collapse last summer. Many resources were involved in shoring up and monitoring the building.

 Letter detailing the total owed to the borough: $50,711.17 due by December 18, 2015

A breakdown of costs is shown in the photos below:

(Detail of above left)


  1. Sam we are hoping that the Boro takes you for everything you own, you are Snake and you crawl on your belly to avoid paying your Bills and taxes. GO GET HIM COLUMBIA BORO, the towns people are behind you. Sam you are PITIFUL

  2. What about his other property that burned down? Will insurance help him with that one? The borough should bear responsibility to the renters that lost belongings in that fire because the tenants were permitted to live in it with condemned notices posted. I will never figure out how that is OK.

    1. Go look at the property all the locks on the doors are busted off or broken. So anyone can walk right in those apts. Sam is never going to fix those apts, he took the insurance money and the boro is going to have to deal with this place too..

  3. I want to purchase a rental unit, but I've been concerned about making certain that everything is in working order. Also, having sufficient funds to promptly fix any problems. Now I see how it's done, if major issues arise, walk away and don't pay.

  4. It's time Sam Bigler is dealt with and swiftly.
    Then move on to the next biggest problem Slum Lord,,,