Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pa. lawmakers want volunteer fire companies to bill for costs related to emergency responses

State lawmakers want to give volunteer firefighters the opportunity to recoup some of the costs related to their services.
State Rep. Steve Barrar recently hosted a public hearing to discuss House Bill 1272, which, according to a press release, would allow fire companies to charge for "real and reasonable" costs associated with their emergency responses.


  1. It would allow a fire Company the bill for expenses related going on emergency scenes/ calls. So for example if the fire company would go out for an MVA with fluids on the ground, they could bill that persons car insurance company for floor dry or pigs they used to clean up fluid on the road way.

  2. I'm all for the volunteer organizations getting paid for their matls used. Just hope this doesn't give reason to insurance Co to Jack up everybody insurance premiums past what is necessary to cover these costs.

  3. Its all a joke!!