Wednesday, December 16, 2015

More signs of bypass opening

There were more signs today of the imminent opening of the Route 441 bypass:

Additional signage was placed in the vicinity of the railroad tracks near the intersection of Front and Walnut Streets.

Additional work was done on the ADA access next to the tracks. A DWS (Detectable Warning Surface) was installed at the rear egress. The DWS is a yellow, textured pad, two of which are shown below. An asphalt walkway will be installed alongside the tracks, running from the ADA to the road. The bed for the walkway is shown in the last photo below. Large stones, called ballast, will be placed around the base of the railroad signal post.

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  1. One of the workers said that he met a lot of nice people during his time in Columbia. He lives in another county, but he had only good things to say about our town.