Tuesday, December 15, 2015

About town

Pics from around town today:

             Gas pump at the Sunoco station

 Workers messing around at Front & Walnut again

                    Changing more road signs

               Putting up signs at 401 Locust

                               Another look

                           All in a row on Manor

                          Seen on North Fifth

                                       This too


  1. On the last two pics... I pity anyone, like me, who works at home and has had to listen to the constant, brain-numbing grind for the past two weeks. I finally had to ask them how long they plan to be there. They let me know that they've hit rock and the drilling has to continue until they break through. So, they had no timeframe estimate. They start before 8am each morning and go non-stop the entire day. It's maddening. They're employing a horizontal drilling process... but I don't even know the purpose.

    1. Thanks for the info. There are piles of some sort of rubber conduit further up the road. I wonder what it's for.