Thursday, November 26, 2015

Who is the mystery woman?

(The following information was provided by Heather Lynn Drescher.)

On May 5, 2005, Heather Lynn Drescher was driving her minivan near the intersection of Fifth and Maple Streets when it was struck by another vehicle. The impact caused the van to roll downhill towards the clock tower at the NAWCC museum until it came to rest on its roof.

A stranger then crawled into the back of the vehicle, rescuing Ms. Drescher's 18-month-old son and handing him to her.  After making sure everyone was all right, the mystery woman left the scene, explaining that she needed to get to work.

Ms. Drescher has been looking for this woman for 10 years. If anyone knows her identity, contact Heather Lynn Drescher via her Facebook page.


  1. Does she remember anything of vehicle type?
    Description of woman as in age or hair color?
    What time in the morning was the accident?

    This woman needs to be held responsible for her erratic actions and possible death or disfigurement.

    Working in the collision industry for eighteen years, this car had to be repaired some where in the county.

    Please submit some details so our group from Columbia Spy can help.

    Columbia Pride!

    1. I think she is looking for the woman who rescued her son to thank them. It doesn't say the person who hit her fled the scene.

  2. Y is this now just being brought up. Y has nothing been posted on this for how long. Should the police of asked for this information then.

  3. Yes, one has to wonder if this mystery woman witnessed the crash. If so, then why wouldn't she have given her name and statement to police. It sounds like she did not actually see it happen.