Sunday, November 22, 2015

Columbia Market - A Sunday success

Dozens of visitors made the market a success again this Sunday, as they sampled fine foods and enjoyed the festive atmosphere. Sunday market has been an ongoing success and will reportedly continue through December.

 Isabelle Warfel of Isabelle Cuisine offers international foods.

 Dillweed gets things moving, this time with an extra "banjer."

 Cullen Farrell of rijuice, shows the organic cold-pressed juice his company makes from fresh fruits and vegetables.
(No high fructose corn syrup!)

 A few of the flavors

 Laura Lopez of Laura B's

 Gina Frey of Half Nuts Popcorn Co.

 Jordan and Alisha watch over Kat's Sweet Shop and Cake Pops and More

 Folks enjoy Dillweed and a variety of fine food.

 Ron and Sue Worby at Susquehanna Blue Smoke

Don Haines chats with visitors.

 Isabelle helps a customer.

 And so does Cullen.

Chef Pierre DeRagon heats a dessert.

 A bass player ponders E, A, D, and G

 A picker picks.

A strummer strums.

And a watcher watches.


  1. Success? Really? Dozens = success? Place still looks mighty empty in your photos (which are selectively focused, I may add...).

    1. Sounds like you weren't there. You should talk to some of the people who were, before passing judgment.

    2. I have to agree with you Cole.. If you don't come and take in the Market atmosphere, energy, what it has to offer and dwell in the past you can't judge...The past is the past and market is moving on to new and exciting things. Come in and partake in the market not just sit on the PC and pass judgement.

    3. Ah yes. Another Negative Belly. Armchair quaterback who made all their assumptions from the comfort of their living room recliner. Nothing good to say = SHUT UP!

    4. I do not agree with telling anyone to shut up, but it is sad that they won't give the Sunday idea a chance to grow. The pictures are beautiful and inviting.

  2. I have been to the Market the past 3 Sunday mornings and it has been wonderful! Isabelle's soups are amazing! Having her African Peanut Chicken Soup for lunch today! Sounds a little different but try it - outstanding! Sampled her Pumpkin Coconut Soup also and like everything else she makes...heavenly! Chef Pierre DeRagon's presentation is wonderful as well! They are finally getting on the right track with the market and I am anxious to see the continuing progress. I wish them the best!

  3. I made a point to get over to market on Sunday and very glad I did. Great atmosphere, upbeat music, and delicious food. It also provided an opportunity for socialization. A strong sense of community.

  4. The photos are excellent, very high quality, thanks for sharing them.

  5. Where did TJs move to?

    1. TJ's has been close since August due to personal reasons... No new establishment.

  6. Thank you for your reporting! The Sunday Market is becoming such a wonderful gathering place- the music, the food, the people- it's amazing!

  7. I really had no idea what the Sunday market was about until I read this post. I will make it a point to check it out!

  8. Definitely stop by to try Isabelle's Cuisine!! It's delicious!! Well worth the visit!