Sunday, October 4, 2015

Was the Bridge Bust a Bust?

In years past, over 18,000 people have attended. This year, the weather kept people and even vendors away. Out of 309 vendors, attendees say they think only about half showed up and only about 2,000 people bought a ticket to get in.



  1. I understand with schedules it's hard to have a rain date but sure would be better then having it in that type of weather and also maybe should be a little earlier in the year.

  2. "We want to have a craft fair, and have 300 standholders. How can we arrange them in the most inefficient way possible, all the while creating traffic headaches?"

    "Simple. Put them in a line on one of the only bridges across the county!"

    PennDOT shouldn't even allow the bridge to be closed for this thing.