Friday, October 30, 2015

Restaurant inspections: What's Columbia waiting for?

The following article linked to this post lists the results of recent restaurant inspections conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, which does them without charge to the respective municipality.

Currently, Columbia Borough conducts its own inspections - through an overwhelmed and understaffed department - and at a cost to the borough.

At a recent meeting, Columbia Borough Council said the matter is under review, and it is considering turning over such inspections to the state. We wonder why this was not done long ago.

Here is your opportunity, borough council.

The phone number is 866-366-3723.

What are you waiting for?


  1. That would force some eating establishments to come up to code. They wouldn't be able to use their connections under the states eye. As far as council it's a costs savings so it's a no brainer to go this route.

  2. About time Columbia let's the state inspect are restraints what are we trying to hide?

  3. this is another blatant waste of taxpayer money paying the zoning officer to perform these inspections. its free from the state! council DO YOUR JOB