Sunday, October 4, 2015

Q&A: The Market House Trust - In their own words

Columbia Spy recently met with several members of the Columbia Historic Market House Trust for a question-and-answer session.  The Trust has sometimes been the target of criticism since its inception in 2011/2012, and in the interest of accuracy, the Spy asked Trust members to explain the organization's purpose and to correct public misperceptions. Due to its length, this Q&A will be presented in three parts over the next few days and will also include legal documents as supplemental material.

The current members of the Trust are as follows:

Chair - Cleon Berntheizel
Vice Chair - Don Haines
Secretary - Jodie Eck
Treasurer - Elaine Beckley
Director - Jeanne Cooper
Director - Roche Fitzgerald
Director - Kellan Kernisky
(All of the above members are directors.)

Standholder Representative - Teresa Allen
Market Manager - Beth Troxell
Member at large - Bill Collister

For Part 1 of the Q&A, follow THIS LINK.

Part 2 will appear tomorrow.


  1. I remember some standholders going before council explaining what their problems were and why they were leaving. It was, at times, very emotional for some. Their story was posted on this site at the time. Council listened, at times with a deafening silence, but what was done to help them?

  2. The question about what happens if the Trust does not get any grant money, seems like it was not answered. I read the replies a couple times and still cannot see where that question was answered. That is one of the most important questions. I don't see them raising that kind of cash and even if they try, how long will it take? The Trust should have been made to present a plan to council showing the use of grant funding and an alternate plan without any grant funding. It all seems way too vague.

  3. No matter how you slice it, how much is really going to get done in the next 13-14 months (when the agreement with the Trust expires) ?