Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Police chief wants replacement vehicles

Columbia Borough Police Chief Jack Brommer informed council Monday night that two of the department's police vehicles need to be replaced. Brommer said Unit 4 (a 2011 model) needs to be replaced due to ongoing maintenance and other issues. According to Brommer, the vehicle has $3,000 in body damage due to a minor accident and has incurred an additional $1,400 in repairs in the past year or so. Councillor Sherry Welsh questioned the need to replace the vehicle, since the mileage is only 53,000. Brommer said the vehicle appears older than it is and offered to show it to her. Acting Borough Manager/Public Works Director Ron Miller stated that the average life expectancy for police vehicles is five years. Unit 4 replacement is scheduled for next year's budget.

Brommer said another police vehicle is a total loss - a 2014 Ford Interceptor (Unit 6) recently involved in a head-on collision at North Fifth and Walnut. He added that he found a possible replacement vehicle on the lot at New Holland Ford for about $25,000. He said the lights, etc. can be transferred from the wrecked vehicle, since it appears they were not damaged. An outfitter will check all equipment to be transferred, and non-functioning items and installation of any replacement items will be paid for through insurance. Brommer wants Unit 6 replaced this year.


  1. We will give them what they want! Right Leo!! Yes, our town is worth millions!! Donuts for ALL!!!!!

  2. I see alot of pocket money for some one here!!!

  3. Did we ever find out who was at fault for the head on crash? Either way shouldn't insurance be replacing this vehicle not the taxpayers?

    1. Insurance has deemed the car a total loss and valued it at $9000. So we are on the hook for the difference. As for fault, the other driver said she was informed she will get no points and won't be charged so I am assuming that means she was not found to be at fault. I am sure we will never find out the real story

  4. That must be because the big bad government is out to get us, trying to take us for everything. They have big plans to do terrible things to us. ..

    Grow up and get educated. Always about conspiracy. Smdh

  5. No it's not the big bad govts, it's the small little feifdoms run by a few bad apples

  6. They keep buying those junk American car maker vehicles. They build them to two specs - how to keep the dealers happy with service work and how to get turnover incentive so you buy a new one every few years. Turnover incentives is making what should be a simple repair job as costly as possible by design flaws.