Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More from the crash scene at 5th & Walnut

A Columbia Borough Police cruiser and a silver Honda Civic sedan collided head-on shortly before 4:30 this afternoon on North Fifth Street near the intersection at Walnut Street. Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the accident, the exact circumstances of which are not known at this point. At the scene, State Trooper Ryan Gehman sought witnesses to the accident.  

The collision left the police cruiser resting on the sidewalk of the northbound lane, with severe front-end damage, and its front bumper crumpled underneath the vehicle. The aftermath also left the Honda Civic facing west in the southbound lane with severe front-end damage.  The officer and the female driver of the Honda were taken to LGH. Their conditions are not known.

Columbia Borough Police Sergeant Sam Stein retrieved rifles from the disabled police vehicle which was then towed from the scene by Midway Collision. 

The Honda Civic Sedan came to rest in the opposite lane on North Fifth Street.

The cruiser jumped the curb along the northbound lane, near the intersection of North Fifth and Walnut.

State Trooper Ryan Gehman investigated the accident scene.

Sergeant Sam Stein retrieved rifles from the disabled cruiser.

Midway Collision towed away the vehicles.


  1. Look at all the tax dollars at work!

  2. Austin "Andretti"

  3. I sincerely hope that both drivers are ok and not injured.

  4. Was the officer using lights and sirens at the time?

  5. Good job stein,, and who was the officer,,,

  6. Why do "members of this community" constantly try to prove that the officers did something wrong? No wonder people talk bad about Columbia. It's because the people in Columbia talk bad about Columbia. Makes me so mad! One of the folks on Facebook was even arrested and served time for robbery! Seriously? ! What makes you so grand? If you don't like it here, just leave! We won't miss you! Stop trying to make it seem like every one is out to get the "citizens."

  7. Was there a comment here stating an officer did something wrong?

  8. I don't think on here. But there were some on facebook.

    1. I hope the comment makes it to Facebook then, where it belongs.

  9. guess what. look to management. if theres a problem maybe its the leadership. or lack there of.