Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fight involving baseball bats reported in Columbia, woman reportedly suffers traumatic injury

Police were responding to reports of a fight involving baseball bats and a traumatic head injury shortly after 9 p.m. in Columbia Borough.

According to dispatches on Lancaster County-wide Communications, the fight involving bats took place at or near 134 S. Third St., close to Avenue J in the borough.


  1. Why do people want to fight all the time why don't they try to talk it out in a peaceful way?

  2. Oh and isn't Ave J,,,, not "Crack Alley" or even one bit Historic ......
    Yes,,,, between Second Street and Third ,, It IS Crack Alley...
    And between Second street and Bank Avenue it is Historic...
    Just look for the Buried Treasures Again.
    Carriage Way, Cobblestone and Brick,, ...
    Ahhh the treasures again,,,,

  3. Oh and if you want details,,,,
    I don't do cover ups,,,,
    If the truth hurts,, so be it..
    The baseball bat hurts,
    The example set in front of our youth hurts,
    And this has been esculating for months......
    Of course to understand the ghetto, one must live in the ghetto. ....