Tuesday, October 27, 2015

About Town

Some shots around town today . . .

Columbia's a busy town, and today it was bustling:

 Pole work on Barber

 "Fixing a hole where the rain gets in" on Locust

 Installing sidewalks on Eighth

Trimming trees at Locust Street Park

Meanwhile . . .

 This truck appeared in the parking lot of a local business. Among other things, it contained portable electrical boxes attached to hand trucks.

 Time to break out the Geiger counter to count rems and rads?

Yes, probably. 
TMI: It's never good when those letters appear together, whether they stand for "Too Much Information" or . . . something else.


  1. Regarding eighth street sidewalks: I was told, by a person in authority, that they were NOT doing the first block from Locust to Ridge, yet I noticed that a sizeable section of sidewalk has been removed from the corner of that first block. It is amazing how we cannot count on accuracy. No wonder citizens get angry.

  2. How much of eighth street is being done? Will it go the whole way to Locust Street?