Thursday, October 1, 2015

FYI: A quick look at the codes department

Shown below is the Columbia Borough Codes Department Report for January through August of this year, showing the numbers for complaints, notices, citations, and quick tickets.

Currently, the codes department consists of the following enforcement personnel:
  • Jeffrey Helm, code enforcement officer/supervisor. Helm also serves as zoning officer, planning officer, emergency management officer, and borough tax collector.
  • George Weiss, part-time code enforcement officer
  • Thomas Millhouse, part-time code enforcement officer
At Monday's meeting of the whole, Councillor Kelly Murphy announced that a full-time codes supervisor has been "budgeted-in" for the 2016 budget.  This position will entail working "in the field" to handle notices and citations.


  1. If we are to believe these numbers, January for instance, had approximately 9 citations written a day. And we employed how many people in the codes department for the month of January?

  2. So did Thomas Millhouse replace Bob Osbourne or did we have 3 part time codes people until just recently? And what about Deb? She is considered codes. Then we have Pam, Ketzy, Lisa and a guy. What do they do?

    1. The employment of Thomas James Millhouse as part-time code enforcement officer was approved at the 12-22-14 meeting. His starting pay rate was $18/hr with a maximum of 25 hrs per pay period. Robert Osborne was terminated effective 8-10-15, so during this period there were three code enforcement officers.

      Jeff Helm will be appearing at the Columbia Public Library on Monday, October 5 at 6 p.m. to answer questions about codes inspection and the Community Life Network.

    2. Thanks for getting the answers Cole!

  3. The money is roooolllllling in! This town is worth millions!!!!!!

  4. as a taxpayer i say ABSOLUTELY NOT TO THE HIRING OF ANOTHER CODE OFFICER-PART OR FULL TIME. start at the top and demand compliance or clean house. period. its THAT simple. another thing...the codes dept will NEVER be effective if it DOESN'T stay on top of EVERY SLUMLORD (not all landlords are slumlords but we have too many and they get away with way too much) NOW WE demand accountability. Stop harrassing taxpaying homeowners who ARE trying to improve their properties. get rid of the Historic District or make changes to it.

  5. The historic district just needs to be downsized not totally removed.
    The codes department is a cluster, it's pick and choose.
    Clamp down on the real violations and slum lords.
    Sorry Sam, but you needed clamped 8 years ago....
    Helm, open up your ears and eyes,,, listen to genuine reports and act, or resign.