Friday, September 4, 2015

VIDEO - Fire at 421 Walnut - rear

A fire was reported at about two o'clock this afternoon at 421 Walnut Street, rear, an apartment building owned by Sam Bigler. Reportedly, four out of five apartments were occupied and had working smoke detectors. A witness living at a neighboring residence told Columbia Spy that her dog started barking and alerted her to the fire. After calling 911, she knocked on doors at the apartment building to alert tenants. Two state police fire marshalls were called to the scene to investigate. Sam Bigler was also at the scene.

Sam Bigler is the owner of 208-210 Locust Street, a distressed building that has been the subject of controversy in the borough recently.


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  1. That Sam is keeping the borough hopping busy! So here we go again, courtesy of Bigler.