Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This is what they think of us

     This screenshot speaks for itself. It truly speaks for itself.


  1. And which part of that is false?

  2. It's one of those things where everyone knows but no one really cares enough to change it.
    They also forgot to mention the problems with needles and heroin use!
    So yes sad and true!!!

  3. They also forgot to mention the convicted pervert petyfiles that the school children are now forced to walk past?
    They have a no drug zone great yet a registered pervert can live less then 2 blocks from the school where little children have to walk past in many cases unattended by an adult. Perhaps Columbia Boro could create a "No Registered Pervert Zone? Perhaps maybe the kids here in this town are worth that much? If Marietta can do it and they did just ask ex-lawmaker Tom Armstrong so can Columbia there is no excuse in my opinion for not acting on our kids behalf. Except maybe lazyness.....? The boro can fine a person for there grass growing so I'm sure they too could do something to fix innocent children haveing to walk past the convicted perverts on their way to and from school eh?

  4. It's too negative. They should add, "Well, at least it's not Lancaster."