Saturday, September 12, 2015

Community trust seeks to bring financial stability to Columbia Market House


  1. This story is the biggest piece of trash ever. If you are not from Columbia, you are not welcome. If you are "elite," you are welcome. Hopefully council will reverse its decision on extending the trust and get rid of the elite.

    1. What elite? Please explain your opinion.

  2. I really think they need to look at going back to one day a week. At least try have one good day instead of three half ass days. Amount of stands and customers they aren't making enough to even pay the utilities to be open three days.

  3. The trust is a big joke they will never get the market house up and running again only in there dreams.

  4. The Trust has taken too long to make changes. If they want elite, fine, but get moving already! At least get something stirring in there. All these past years are lost, and the Borough is willing to give them even MORE time.

  5. Let me off this merry go round.
    Dont worry
    Just changing seats.
    Excuse $$$ me