Sunday, September 20, 2015

Columbia runners take home medals at Saturday's Invitational

Columbia runners took home medals on Saturday at the Ben Bloser Bulldog Invitational Cross Country Classic at Big Spring High School in Newville, PA. Jordan Haberstroh won first in the girls' Class A race, and Codie Wetherite came in 18th in the boys' Class A race. Runners from Donegal, Hempfield, York Suburban, Camp Hill, and others participated in the run which lasted until 2 p.m. in sweltering conditions. About half a dozen unregistered schools showed up, pushing back the 11:15 a.m. medal ceremony.

Runners from various local districts participated on Saturday.

Columbia's Jordan Haberstroh, second from left, placed first in the girls' Class A race.

 Runners took refuge from the sun.

The 11:15 medal ceremony was delayed until early afternoon due to unregistered schools and other complications.

Results are HERE.

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