Saturday, September 26, 2015

Columbia feet take to the street on Fourth Friday

Despite cloudy weather, Columbians turned out for Fourth Friday events, including Feet in the Street on the 500 block of Locust Street . . .

 Participants chalked the street with various designs . . .

. . . that began to evolve into a temporary mural.
(Could this be the rebirth of surrealism?)

 About those feet - there they are now. Attendees dipped their feet in tempera paint and walked along butcher paper, trailing colorful footprints along the way.

 A similar procedure was used for hands.

 Sweet Life provided music in the gazebo.

Children adorned pumpkins with splashes of color.

 Here are some of the finished products.

 Several more to go.

Others allowed themselves be the canvas for the artist's brush.

 A little later, it became obvious that the butcher paper had been well traveled.

Surfing on hay bales was a popular activity . . .

. . . as was eating ice cream on them.

 Down at Through the Fire Gallery, William Chambers, in 1950s-era service station garb, invited people to participate in a performance event. In answer to the question "What's missing?" (written on a mirror at the station) one could embroider a response on a cloth dangling from a dispenser, or write in a notebook.
Further information on this project can found HERE.

 The studio also featured an exhibit by artist Todd Geiger . . . 

. . . as well as the usual display of glass-wrangling.

This sign recently appeared in a display window next to Hinkle's.  The heading says, "The Arts @ Hinkle's."  

A voyeur's view of Susquehanna Center Creative Arts, 224 Locust Street.


  1. Very nice pictures.

  2. This was a fun evening for everyone! Thanks to all those that came out to show support.

  3. We need to get rid of the image Columbia has and draw more outsiders into these events.

    1. No. You are the trouble maker. You can twist it any way you want to but it's no secret. You're not misunderstood......just wrong and you can push all you want for these little agendas of yours but the people that are right will get it shot down every time. Please do everyone a favor and let people that don't want to be bothered alone. These are the good people of Columbia. You are not the only person that lives in that neighborhood and nobody likes someone that acts like a grade school bully. It's time you stop this immature way of acting. Grow up and stop acting like a child.
      Good day.

    2. Get medicated and MYOB

    3. It's time you do the same

  4. Thank you Cole for your pictures and comments of the Feet in the Street event!

  5. Sorry but being narrow minded does not equal good...
    Shot down???
    More like stalled..
    We support closing of that alley...
    So that resident isn't alone,,,,,,
    He is supported !!!!!!

    1. Closing that alley will not stop any of the activity that is claimed to be going on. At the end of the day it's still an alley. I am not narrow minded at all. The people that don't want the alley closed far outnumber the people that do (obviously) no matter how you look at it the attraction is not in that little section of s 2nd street and the neighbors do not want that area to be heavily visited. They all would like to go on with their lives and be left alone. Nobody down there pays that neighbor any mind because he is rude and tries to bully people to get what he wants. He may have a few supporters but people know this immature individual who always makes a scene when he doesn't get his own way. If you support that kind of person great but you are in the minority. The people that don't want the alley closed will not let it happen. You can remark as you like but sorry not happening.

    2. Since it is remaining open, more people need to use it, so that it is not just a private driveway. I hope more people will visit, either by walking or driving, check it out, it belongs to all of us.

  6. At the 4th Friday event, I ran into a nice young lady that I worked with decades ago. She does not live in Columbia, so I asked what brought her here tonight. She said the "art". This is what we all need to be asking visitors as we see and greet them, " what brings you here?". The answers will help going forward.

  7. Correct. It is a public alley that people are welcome to walk on and drive on as they please. If people want to visit the attraction of s 2nd take a trip to the Wrights ferry mansion. It is a beautiful attraction that I have seen myself a few times.

  8. Mmm again....
    It's not to be fit to be used for automobiles....
    And btw this is BOB GAINER...
    FACE ME DOWN....

  9. I'm 100% for keeping Ave J open. Come on people this is a closed issue. There is an reason for any of these discussions. The people at the proper pay grade have already made that decision.

  10. The people at "the proper pay grade" are not always correct in their decision making. Mostly they each have a personal motive behind everything they are involved in. To rely on them without question is foolish.

    1. It's the same with the citizens. Some have their own motives that they fail to mention and will do anything right or wrong to get the results they want. Next point. If you would like to try to get something done with the borough or anyone in life the way NOT to approach the situation is with an attack mode demeanor because at that point not only did you lose the proposal that you would like to present but in turn you have lost every future proposals that you bring up. When you act unprofessional and angry all the time unless the subject in question is totally blind to his or her actions will see that very few people are interested in what you have to say. When someone is strongly disliked and knows it then it is time for the individual to do some serious soul searching and realize what the root of the problem really is.

  11. Define proper pay grade.

  12. Proper pay grade or above your pay grade is used commonly as a phrase meaning these are decisions made by a higher power than the current citizens including those that think they are in a position that never has or never will exist. Yes the public may go ahead and influence the council of the borough but if it is not done in a respectful manner your opinions and plans for change will time after time fall on deaf ears of both the public and the borough officials. The way an individual conducts his or herself reveals the type of person they are loud and clear. Examples of poor conduct in these situations are as follows, getting angry if not everyone has the same idea as you, making snide remarks during meetings with the borough, constantly confronting people in a rude manner, being known for harassing people constantly and stirring up trouble to name a few. These are examples of how to be disregarded and not have a voice in the community. This community needs to listen to the people that are level headed and reasonable that clearly care about what is best for the community. If a handful of people don't like the things I have to say then I'm ok with that. I find it sickening when individuals go around and claim they will do (whatever it takes till my last breath) to get their way when clearly not everyone wants the same thing. In the end majority will rule and the alley will stay open. I just hope that people see the real issue and understand that the borough has far better things to spend their time and money on.

    1. Snide remarks? Sounds like you are referring to the council members. Also sounds like you are suggesting that residents kiss the butts of those in higher power. I hope the people are smart enough never to do that.

  13. First, higher pay makes no one better suited for decision making. Higher education might. Second, I am not Mr. Gainer, nor am I supporting him. I do find it disturbing that the masses blindly follow those with "higher power". The majority is not always doing what's right.

    1. First let me point out that i did not use any names regardless of whether it is obvious or not. 2nd i am in full agreement with what you wrote. The issue is not about council of which I have also seen some discrepancies and inappropriate actions. It is more geared toward a lot of people about town are tired of an individual who is most of the time try to get into confrontation with people that would like to be left alone yet this individual persistently tries to push at people who would like nothing to do with him. That is pretty much all i have to say on all of this.

  14. Proper pay grade with regard to WHOM? Council, consultants, engineers? If it's council members, they aren't earning much. At times, it is imperative to be loud and historically it can even become violent, that's called civil disobedience. Council and other borough employees hear what they want, they have been rude to certain residents on a variety of occasions. We are not paying them to be rude.

  15. I agree with a lot of the comments above. I believe that in a nutshell the whole point is that a lot people are sick of a certain individual relentlessly rudely pushing his ideas on other people. Yes sometimes it is important to speak up to council but this person takes it to the streets trying to push others out of his way and being a bully in general.

  16. Ever hear of the squeaky wheel....
    Again feel free,,,
    I'm entitled to my opinions,
    Opinions backed by history, input from others and a wealth of knowledge.
    Mmmm over 300 signatures.
    Again go get medicated, MYOB and feel free BOB GAINER.

  17. It's good to be out and about,, informs others of your opinions and what's happening.
    Stop hiding behind your camera and do the same....
    Or go back in the house and continue to bash others.

  18. My my ....
    When the promises are followed thru made by council, then with the remainder of residents or taxpayers perhaps you will realize,,, vehicular traffic does not belong in that portion of the alley....

  19. Lordy,, ever consider how long and how much energy has been used to close this part of Ave I...
    Years, ,,,
    God rest Mr McBride.
    No one abused this when he lived.....
    Alergies must cause memory loss

  20. Poof,,, be gone negative people.

  21. yes councilors are often RUDE and disrespectful to TAXPAYING homeowners who attend mtgs. but its TIME to let them know that we are NOT putting up with this BS anymore! we MUST take control of this Boro. get rid of 600 of the rental properties. thats an excellent place to start....because a lot of these issues, problems and continuing violators and people who don't care fall into this group of transients who come into the boro to live, take advantage of everyone and everything and oh who a majority of them abuse the system...don't work, don't pay taxes, collect food stamps, welfare, etc. FOOD STAMPS AND WELFARE WERE NOT CREATED AS A WAY OF LIVING. GET RID OF THESE RENTALS. COUNCIL SHOULD BE CONCENTRATING ON A WAY TO ENTICE OWNERS TO SELL AND A TAX BREAK FOR 2 YEARS TO THOSE WHO BUY. now how hard is it? Be productive. maybe this should go back to the front page Cole...lots of comments. and oh CLOSE AVE J ITS HISTORIC.

  22. Yawn,,, well that's why Columbia is in turmoil and has the reputation.
    If your tired then go to bed.
    Not medicated then seek help.
    Drama seeker, take it to another town.
    Sincere and passionate about saving Columbia and the historic pieces that remain,, step up.
    Ohhhhhh FYI I AM MEDICATED.....
    Just not one to roll over, I will continue and so will hundreds more....
    I'm the puppet master,
    Bob Gainer

  23. And closed it will be!!!!!!!
    Lawyers take time,,,,
    Money to fight for what's right is abundant.
    The ones against this,,,,
    Get your wallets and purses out,,,.
    It's right around the corner....