Friday, August 14, 2015

Ups and downs, downs and ups

 What comes down . . .

. . . must go up?

Yesterday, workers took down the brick facade at 208-210 Locust Street and today installed plywood in preparation for installation of a new facade.



  1. What do they really think they can do with that building?

  2. Sam Bigler thinks he can make millions off of it only if he doesn't pay his taxes and the money he owes the Boro. We shall see if he pays his DEBT to the Boro, I doubt it.

  3. it will be a legal battle for sure. more importantly. i hope someone is in charge who actually isn't afraid to do the right thing. the code dept did not....for years. THIS PROPERTY OWNEER MUST BE GIVEN LEGAL PAPERS GIVING HIMA DATE TO HAVE NEW FRONT WALL done. and it should NOT be more than 3 months. also...does anyone know if its true that the support beams in the basement were removed from this property many years ago?? IF its true (we all have read it a couple times various articles) then that MUST be added to the remediation of this bldg. I HATE to liose another bldg downtown of historic significance. so DO IT RIGHT. INSPECT NOW AND ADD TO NOTICE.

  4. yes, i also read that somewhere more than once. i think the Boro should be required to clarify and/or verify this info. IF its MUST be part of the remediation. period. i agree 100% with legal document and a time frame. you know as well as i do that bigler WILL take this to the court system and tie it up for years. its his M.O. he should be run out of town. and in the meantime, WHO do you thinnk gets to foot the bill and guess what???? to add insult to injury BIGLER DOESN'T EVEN LIVE IN THE BORO.