Saturday, August 1, 2015

The state of the bypass - and a likely delay

These photos of the Route 441 bypass project were taken this morning.  Although construction work continues there, completion of the project might be pushed into next year, according to Mayor Leo Lutz. 

"Completion of the relocation project will be pushed back, probably into next year," Lutz said at a recent borough council meeting. "The problem is there are so many bridges being rehabilitated and redone in the state that they're having trouble getting materials." The local portion of the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail might still be finished by the end of this year, Lutz added.


  1. Look,,,,
    The complications from the start of this is,,,,,
    Elected officials cluster and inability to be honest to the taxpayers#
    Get the truck route complete and then remember COLUMBIA NEEDS YELP IN OTHET HISTORIC AREAS!!!
    Oh have you decided about green space in ave J???
    Seems 3 years is long enough!!!
    Seems even out new Sewer owner may just agree!!!
    No council keep dragging it out!!!!
    Keep rewarding the law and code violators!
    You are ridiculous!!!
    Absolutely ridiculous not to close this one little HISTORIC STRIP.
    And ash alley be quiet!!!
    It's not an issue in closing AVE J!
    Get the Damn Thing Closed!!!

  2. Avenue j and ash alley can stay as they are. At least the families on the historic section of s 2nd street are nice hard working family oriented people. They don't need and wont put up with the riff raff going on in the neighborhood

  3. the first 2 blocks of South 2nd St are PROBABLY among the MOST historic in all of Columbia. That should be enough to leave it alone. Instead look at property at South 2nd & Cherry St. its a beautiful old bldg BUT its SOOOO overgrown with weeds and uncared for, it needs moire than TLC. where are the code officers here????????????

  4. Mmmm what riff raff and Mmmm 128 south second is the nicest looking of the six boardering ash alley!
    Who uses ave j??? One resident!!!
    So listen to the people!! Narow minded people. Poof!

  5. If this borough cared about it's history, the powers that be would assist the historic preservation society in all ways possible. They just don't care, so Avenue J is not on their agenda. If it was closer to the river it would be sacred.

  6. it IS close to the river and rumer has it that back in the day itwas used to get to the tunnels, etc. its very interesting.