Thursday, August 20, 2015

Takin' it down, puttin' it up

Following is a post that was scheduled to be published last week, but a "certain incident" over the weekend got in the way. The photos show the operation at 208-210 Locust Street, in which the brick facade was taken down, and a temporary covering was put in place.  Afterwards, the 200 block of Locust was opened to traffic.

                        Examining the facade

              Taking it down, brick by brick

   Workmen used bucket trucks to reach the bricks.

Plywood was removed from atop the temporary walkway.

             The opening continually expanded throughout the day.

                  And there's the bathroom.
                       Completely down

                   Inspecting the work

                               Checking it out

Dumpster load of bricks - very few were salvageable.

                     Installing framing to attach to

       "We're gonna need a bigger board."

               Attaching the particle board

                             Two at a time

                            All wrapped up

                  Deconstructing the walkway

                                Having a look

                There was even a permit posted.

                       A few final touches

Borough workers moved the barriers that were blocking Locust Street traffic and placed them along the front of the property to protect pedestrians.

                         Putting it all together

Putting away the ROAD CLOSED barricades


  1. Great pictures, I've heard so much about this, but I'm unable to walk that far to see it for myself.

  2. Oh my Jeff Helm,,,,,,,
    8 years later????
    Run Sam Bigler out of TOWN...