Sunday, August 30, 2015

Smoke and fire on Fourth Friday

Columbia's Fourth Friday celebration featured several galleries, events, and refreshments.  The 400 block of Locust was shut down for the event.

 Several musicians played at various spots along the street.

Some of the music was drowned out by noisy generators used to power food trucks.

 Shortly into the event, a large plume of smoke erupted down at the river.  A few minutes later, fire personnel were called to the scene.

Firemen found more open burning at the Canoe Club.


  1. I thought you weren't allowed to burn in this borough. What's the story here? Doesn't look like a cookout.

  2. Where were all the food trucks They said there would be at least seven and there were only two who ever is in charge of getting the food trucks is not doing a very good job maybe they need some one else to do the job.

    1. Maybe we need a community that would support 7 food trucks before we bring them!

    2. Why bring them!! I thought our food and restaurants are to be in the thick of this!!!!

  3. Will Columbia ever be able to turn things around????

  4. Maybe if there were more food trucks more people would come after they come one time and see there are only a few food trucks They don't come back again and there are alot of the shops that are not open if we are going to do fourth Friday let's do it right.