Friday, August 7, 2015

Sagging Locust Street building causing frustrations for many



  1. I got ... I got ... I got ...

    Damn right it's frustrating ... when it's all about one person.

    "I" ... the primary word of the consummate politician. Sends the message of delusion that "someone really ins in charge. Were that true, someone would be in charge of consistency in codes application.

    What ever happened to we?

  2. Time to make Bigler take the building down.When they say there is know time limit to how long it will take to fix.up the building does that mean a week or year from now? Here we go again.

  3. The bricks on the front right side have moved since yesterday morning. In fact, one brick that was there yesterday is now missing entirely.

  4. Mr Mayor, stand up and tell Bigler to get the work done on the building and quit dragging his feet, he is laughing at you behind your back and tell you he is the Mayor and he will do it when he is good and ready. He is a (COWARD) and a pain in the ASS to the Columbia people, take the building and tean it down and give him the bill. He will drag for the next five years and say along with his lawyer that we are working at it this is a cop-out.DOWN WITH THE BUILDING AND SAM BIGLER. NUFF SAID