Friday, August 7, 2015

Plan submitted to stabilize, repair unsound Columbia building

The owner of an old Columbia building deemed a collapse risk has given the borough a plan to stabilize and repair the building.

Jeff Helm, the borough's zoning and codes inspector, said Friday afternoon that stabilization work could begin as soon as Monday.

The owner hired Heisey Mechanical Ltd, of Columbia, to essentially brace the building so the brick facade can be removed and a new front wall built, he said.



  1. Why the hell wasn't that done the first time?????

  2. Still should tear the building down how much work is Bigler really going to do? Just another stall job talks a lot.but does little.

  3. as soon as Monday??????? really. it should have been NOW. IMMEDIATELY. and IF this buildings support beams have been taken out of the basement many years ago as reported in 2 articles that I read.....then the building is NOT stable anyway. Someone better certainly do their homework and do it well NOW. So much bs. So much time, money, inconvenience, ignorance, lacksa daisy attitudes, oh wells, etc. There is absolutely NO excuse for this WHOLE FIASCO.