Friday, August 7, 2015

Flagger Force takes over Locust

As of four o'clock this afternoon, Columbia Fire Police handed over responsibility for traffic control on the 200 block of Locust Street to Flagger Force personnel. Fire police had been on duty since last night, directing traffic away from the area of 208-210 Locust, which had once again shown signs of movement when bricks fell from the facade onto the sidewalk. Flagger Force will be on duty there at least until this coming Monday. The cost will be relayed to the property owner.


  1. Is Bigler really going to pay the flagers?

  2. Why is there a need for flagger force? The road is barricaded and closed, much like a road that might be under construction. As shown in the last photo, they are just standing around.

  3. Because the borough wants to do due diligence to protect people who won't follow directions on the signs. I wish our community would recognize the position the borough is in. They are liable for any injuries that would occur, but have very limited rights to solve the problem in the situation. Fortunately for us, the government can't just tear our houses down. Unfortunately, they have to jump through hoops to tear down a careless homeowner's house that is dangerous, too. Stop blaming our leadership. It's not their fault. Put the blame where it belongs... Mr. Bigler.

    1. Using this theory, every time a street is closed for construction we would have to have flagger force standing by 24 hours a day. All that needs to be done is to place the barricades as they are. The borough can show they placed proper warnings in the case someone chooses to ignore the signs. We are paying for this. Flagger Force is not billing Bigler, they are billing the borough. Sure, we might get our money back when, and more importantly, if, Bigler pays up.

  4. I agree that the borough has legal issues regarding their ability to act, however this building has been a problem for years. When was the last time anyone occupied this structure? Is there an inspection process for vacant buildings? And yes, one person, Bigler, has created a mess for many...truck drivers, neighbors, businesses. Essentially he is in control now.