Monday, August 3, 2015

Columbia Borough Fire Department resources moved to HQ at Manor Street

Apparatus and equipment from the newly consolidated Columbia Borough Fire Department has been moved to the new headquarters at Manor Street.
The following information is posted on their website:

Monday, August 3, 2015  With the consolidation nearing completion, units from station 801 were moved out to station 804. Station 804 is now CBFD 80 Headquarters. The call signs of all apparatus have been modified and went into effect at 0800 hours. The truck, rescue, and both engines will be housed on Manor Street. The squads, boats, Special Unit, and Traffic Unit will be housed temporarily at the Front Street station.

Engine 801 remains Engine 801
Engine 804 is now Engine 802
Rescue 804 is now Rescue 80
Truck 801 is now Truck 80
Squad 801 remains Squad 801
Squad 802 remains Squad 802
Rescue 805 is now Squad 803
Boat 801 remains Boat 801
Boat 802 remains Boat 802
Boat 804 is now Boat 803
Special Unit 801 is now Special Unit 80.
Traffic 80 remains Traffic 80
All turnout gear has also been moved out to Manor Street.

The CBFD website is HERE.

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