Sunday, August 30, 2015

Caring for Heritage at Columbia River Park

Dozens attended Saturday's Caring for Heritage, a celebration of local history helping area non profits raise funds for their organizations. Participants included The Lancaster Fencibles, Invalid Corp, Susquehanna Gateway Heritage, and Columbia Historic Preservation Society. The event at Columbia River Park included reenactors, demonstrations, sale items, exhibits, and refreshments.

A reencator showed this American(?) Flag he recently bought at Root's Market. Apparently, the 40-something number of stars represent our 40-something number of states, and the 44 stripes represent the original 44 colonies. Would anyone be upset if this "flag" were burned, since it's already a desecration?

 Larry Hoover of Elizabethtown demonstrated bullet-making techniques.

 An assistant lined up the finished products.

 Bullets were made from 700-degree lead.

 Tom Hambleton of Willow Street took over bullet-making duties.

A short clip of the demo.

 Rifles used by Union infantry in the Civil War

 Larry Hoover of Elizabethtown

 Columbia history

Civil War-era belles, one with period sunglasses

Chris Vera, president of the Columbia Historic Preservation Society, gave a thumbs-up after another successful event.


  1. Looks like a great day! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. kudos to Chris Vera who works tirelessly to promote Columbia!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work, perserverance and dedication!

  3. Yes, Chris also has a small group of dedicated assistants. I hope some young people begin to take an interest and lend a hand to help preserve the borough's history. It is also my hope that the borough itself will recognize the need to step up and provide assistance. I was at the event for quite some time and only saw one council member in attendance, it's possible that I could have missed them. Thankfully, the mayor and his wife did attend. It is disheartening that people put forth so much effort and others don't offer support. Our future lies in our history.

  4. Were any members of the Trust there? They made a plea for people to attend market. All of these events directly tie together, in that they are helping Columbia take a piece of the Lancaster County pie. All events must be supported by all. All events matter!

  5. well said 8/31/15 @ 7:18 am. Yes indeed, a shout out to ALL who lend a hand one way or another, all those who volunteer for anything and everything! There is much good in our History. It would be awesome if some History majors from Millersville , F & M, Columbia, DOnegal & Eastern high schools get involved!!!!!! Spread the word!!!!

  6. Great idea, the kids could get some extra credit for volunteering at the society or have the history classes at CHS do a fundraising event. They could select teams and the history teachers could ask each team questions about Columbia. The teams could have sponsors that pay for each correct answer. All proceeds go to the Columbia Historic Society. And it could be held there. We must get the young people on board.