Wednesday, August 26, 2015

And now the barrier is down

208-210 Locust Street
The wooden barrier that had blocked off this property - and the sidewalk - has been removed.

Unfortunately, there is still no parking near the property.  The meters have been disabled.


  1. Building still does not look good on the main street of Columbia.

    1. Fits right in with the crackhouse down the street. Oh wait, that's the Bank Museum. Easy to get them confused, with the plywood and all.

  2. hopefully the owner is being charged with parking fees

  3. ok so now the barrier is down. i want to know what the Boro Zoning officer has done? Has the property been posted and dated, have legal paperwork been filed with court???? NO MORE than 90 days to correct and finish this hideous scene. you MUST spell out every word for this nutAND be certain to list dates for compliance!

  4. the Boro should be required to keep all taxpaying residents up to date on this nightmare! What's going on with it? Have charges been filed? Have bills been mailed? Has the owner been given a time frame in which he MUST comply or face jail time? Really. I want to know!

  5. When I passed this property recently the fencing was back up, well sort of, it was placed helter skelter. It was not safe for pedestrians in that the one end, toward the east or Third Street, was sticking out blocking the path for strollers and wheelchairs. These people would have to go down over the curb in order to get around it. Now it would appear that while the public is "safe" from the building falling on them, they now are at risk of being hit by a vehicle. Which of the odds are greater?