Monday, August 3, 2015

About Town

Recent shots from around town . . .

Neighbor helping neighbor

 Easy rider?

 Dressers dressing up the sidewalk

 Texter texting on the sidewalk

 Counter counting on the sidewalk

 New porch furniture



  1. Hey,,,, that first pic neighbor helping neighbor???
    He don't live on 3rd!!!##
    No one wants him as a NEIGHBOR

    1. I like the neighbor helping neighbor. Just because he takes pride in his house is no reason to talk bad. He is a very nice person whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for years.

  2. Great pics!!!
    It's nice to see neighbors!!!
    Live the Harley!!!!
    Mmmm not sure about the others.
    Cole you take great pics!

  3. Really great pictures keep up the good work.

  4. I love the porch furniture! I think more people should recycle and repurpose fixtures like that. I almost have mine hooked up on my porch and im putting an old clawfoot tub beside it

  5. In the neighbor helping neighbor picture the toilet is fancy and even has a lion on it. I like it better than the one a few pictures down

  6. Always nice to see neighbors helping each other out!!

  7. Hey, he don't live on third... where do you live, in the backwoods of Kentucky??? It's "he doesn't live on Third."

  8. When researching the actual definition of "neighbor", I found the obvious one of living close, but interestingly I also found this one (albeit of a more biblical nature),"Any person in need of one's help or kindness."
    Thanks to the man in the picture for meeting those needs.