Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The trash goes into the cans, not next to them

An observant visitor to Columbia River Park submitted this photo of a bag of trash that was deposited next to the trash cans there. Trash is to be deposited into the cans, not next to them. Even so, this location is not a drop-off for one's household trash.


  1. the Boro ALREADY has an ordinance that allows them to FINE anyone who tears up the street within 5 or 10 years of it being repaved. for NOT using flowable back fill. doing any work without required permits. AGAIN they are ALREADY ON THE BOOKS...HOWEVER, THEY MUST BE ENFORCED! what a blatant waste of money. you can tell Norms back.

  2. Oh trust me with the return of NORM,,,
    The specials,,,, will continue to have things their way

  3. What does this post have anything to do with repairing streets and/or flowable fill????

  4. Hopefully the use of the security cameras can identify the person responsible and provide a means of prosecution. Otherwise, just do the unfortuante old school dirty work and go thru the trash....these people are stupid, they undoubtedly is some piece of paper with identification/address within the bag. I did this for years at a local contruction dumpster.....when we figured out who the trash belonged to, I would bag it back up and re-deliver it to their front door.

  5. Best guess it was some dirt bag coming off of their river cabin. Easy dump off.

  6. Mmmm on no that couldnt be true?????
    Lol lol make those island dwellers park elsewhere!!!
    KP. MW. JUST A FEW!!!
    Glad the Boro have the land to the cottage owners ,,,
    Personal agendas that now will cost the rest of the tax payers