Friday, July 24, 2015

Passageway installed on Locust Street, complete with lights, ramp, and blocks

A pedestrian passageway has been installed in front of the condemned property at 208-210 Locust Street, complete with lights and a handicapped access ramp leading from the sidewalk to the street.

 Electricity for the passageway lights is drawn from this light post at Second and Locust, via an extension cord.

 Concrete blocks were installed at the top and bottom ends of the passageway today to protect walkers from vehicles traveling up Locust.


  1. Looks a mess.time to have Bigler to have to take down the building before it falls down and some one gets hurt.

  2. So the taxpayers are paying for the electricity and the lost parking meter revenue too? When a building on north 3rd St. was in danger of collaplising, the owner tore it down.

  3. good job. protect ALLL pedestrians...especially the handicapped! kudos to a job well done. NOW let's do this kind of thing all over town :)

    1. Agree. First you protect the public as much as possible, then you complete the rebuilding of this mess. Hardly looks very pretty, but much safer than before.

  4. Bigler and Elected officials can talk to they are BLUE IN THEIR FACES!!
    Responsible Boro Taxpayers will pay for part of this total JOKE OF EIGHT YEARS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!!!
    Can I give you a Door Sam????

  5. i agree. even if they try to get their money, it'll be thru the court system at an outrageous cost for their legal team.

  6. Time for Bigler to get out of are town why do we allow him to get away with this?

  7. THAT owner on north 3rd st took down a bldg.....yes...but was it REALLY on the verge of collapse. how's he get way with it???? and again a 2nd time. both times on the weekends! something is VERY wrong with this Boro and Council to allow the crazy sh-- that happens ...too happen.