Tuesday, July 7, 2015

No street sweeping July 7-10

Maintenance is required on the street sweeper; therefore, there will be no street sweeping for  the remainder of this week, July 7 thru July 10.
Borough Offices: 308 Locust Street, Columbia PA 17512 | Phone: 717-684-2467


  1. Now how many residents have access to that notification???
    Oh I forgot, everyone should be able to afford internet access.
    Mmm that's what your elected officials think.
    Well not all, but it's been implied by a few at open Boro Meetings.

    1. Don't you have to have Internet access to make the comment, too?

  2. And your point???
    I'm one of the lucky ones.
    How many elderly or low income don't have it?
    But you've been blessed

  3. How should they spread the word? I get so sick of reading negative comments all the time. If they put out flyers someone would complain about spending money. Some people spend too much time on the computer.

  4. And some spend time just complaining.
    Anonymous 1 and 2
    Personally Columbia does need to post another way.
    If the flyer worries you, perhaps use our tax dollars and contact the Merchandiser.
    That's delivered weekly and maybe the Boro could get a deal for one full page??
    Then once a week residents have the choice or reading the Merchandiser or spending to much time online whining.
    Think outside the Box!!!

  5. B****,B****,B****

  6. I rely on The Spy to get info about this town, please don't let this comment section turn into Facebook style jabs back and forth. Yes, people will always disagree, but keep it respectful.

  7. There is now a large sign on 462 near sixth Street that posts information about yard waste collection etc. If you don't see it, you are probably not driving and if you're not driving you don't have a vehicle to move for street cleaning.

  8. agree some people just need a life!!!

  9. what do visitors see as they enter our Boro???? Trash, weeds, eyesore properties. looks like ghetto alley. maybe THIS is where the Code enforcers SHOULD be spending some quality time trying to clean up the gateways into town. looks sloppy, trashy, uncared for. does anyone have ANY idea the number of rental properties in this small Boro???? WAY TOO MANY.....it was 600 or 700 couple years ago....guessing that number has almost doubled. what a shame. MAKE the absent landlords ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR PROPERTIES.