Sunday, July 5, 2015

More on that imperiled building

Wooden barriers and caution tape have been set up to restrict access to the building at 208-210 Locust Street. This is the building that was thought to be in danger of collapse a few weeks ago. Interior bracing was added to reinforce the front wall.

This morning, a car was parked right next to one of the barriers, almost touching it.
Common sense might tell one not to park next to a potentially imperiled structure.

 Caution tape has fallen off or been removed in several places.

Temporary construction fencing, such as that shown above, should be installed to help deter entry. This option was discussed at a recent council meeting but was not followed though on.

Here is another option for temporary fencing.

This note was taped to a front window.

Near the "gate to the right" stands this side wall, with a chronically open attic window, where rainwater can enter, potentially adding to the instability of the structure. 

And behind the gate stands this mess.


  1. How long will they allow the building to remain in this condition?

  2. It's been like this for 8 years!!!#
    How many fines has Sam Bigler been issued?
    Better yet has he been Charged, and then found Guilty, then Fined???
    Maybe Bixler will change this when he takes the seat!!
    Hurry up though, I need to get to the river and party.

  3. Time they make Bigler do something about the building and follow through with it and stop fooling around.

  4. you're forgetting that the illustrious Codes Dept and Zoning officer HAVE ALLOWED this bs for years. Seriously.

  5. But is it codes? Who does codes answer to?
    That is the person to blame!
    One of two , is an arrogant know it all.
    Yet wastes more time chatting than doing his job!
    Mmm just my observations!