Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monster mayfly spotted at Columbia River Park

A monster mayfly was spotted hovering over the Columbia River Park pavilion and the Veterans Memorial Bridge this afternoon. Several witnesses estimated the enormous insect to be about ten to twenty feet long and possibly weighing 500 pounds. Local officials contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Fluviology and the National Institute of Mayfly Sciences in an attempt to corral and classify the mayfly, but the insect had apparently left the area by the time the agencies arrived. Officials believe the insect posed no danger to the public at any time but are asking that any further sightings be reported to appropriate authorities.

An official from the National Institute of Mayfly Sciences has theorized that a maternal instinct may have been triggered in the giant mayfly when it spotted this person attempting to catch mayflies on ones of the docks, causing it to hover protectively around the park.

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  1. God created mayflies for a reason and thunderstorms for a reason.
    The lights look great though.
    Thank you sweet Jesus!!!