Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fourth Street is much cleaner now

This afternoon, Columbia Spy noted that the 100 block of South Fourth Street is quite a bit cleaner, which is interesting, considering the street sweeper was reported to be out of service this week.  Previously, this block had been lined with trash and litter.

The photos above were taken today.  Below is a video showing the condition of the block at the beginning of the month:

And here's how it looked this past Sunday:


  1. I wish the police would keep the kids out of the street! Are they trying to cause accidents?! This is becoming a major safety hazard.

    1. Yes, kids playing and skateboarding in the street there.

  2. kids have been playing in the street on Perry St for years and years. it continues. nothing is ever done about it. and they get pissed when they have to move out of your way. it's totally ridiculous.
    s 4th st looks awesome!!!!! thanks to someone who i guess got out their broom and dust pan! kudos to you!

  3. Street looks great hope it stays that way.

  4. Cole do you know what happen in the Locust Street Park yesterday afternoon. I heard there were a few Wrightsville police cars and taking kids out of park and into police vehicles.. is this true?