Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth Street is a mess

The 100 block of South Fourth, that is . . .

Trash constantly lines the gutter and is frequently strewn on the sidewalk.
(This video was shot on Thursday of this week.)

 This morning, a pizza box, complete with remnants, was still lying near Fourth and Union, along with other trash.

Either the street sweeper didn't clean this street on Tuesday, or the litter is fairly recent (although there is always an accumulation of trash in this area). 
Wait, what are those hours on the sign?
Someone better check it again.

And last but not least . . . this "classy" graffiti was spray-painted on the sidewalk outside 137 South Fourth. The residents there must enjoy seeing this, because no one has made an attempt to remove it over the past couple of weeks.


  1. First, are these acts of littering and vandalism reported to police? Most officers will listen and help if called or reported.
    The street sweeper???
    Does anyone on that block have an inside connection with an elected official?
    If not to bad.
    Kidding, but the police do not have any control over street sweeping.
    Thank you

  2. That is a fine piece of artwork on the sidewalk....if you're a disgusting pervert

  3. This block is ALWAYS a mess. I doubt if the street sweeper can pick up large pieces of litter, it's not a trash collector. It really is an eyesore, looks plain down disgusting. It always looks like this. No Columbia "pride" there.

  4. According to borough codes, a public nuisance includes:
    "Any premises or structure which is unsanitary or which is littered with rubbish or garbage or which has an uncontrolled growth of weeds . . . "

  5. The police may not have control over street sweeping, but this is littering and they can fine people for that. This is not a street sweeping issue, it's litter.

  6. Have you ever took a drive down Union street or a walk down Union? Trash is everywhere you have to walk in street due to amount of people standing on sidewalk hanging in front of house and if you have small children be prepared for them to see drug activity out in the open Marijuana being smoked, beer being drank . I used to go to Union Station until I came out one day and about 5 people were leaning on my car and looked at me as if I were the problem for asking them to remove themselves from car.....smh

  7. The police must either witness the act or have a witness that is willing to go thru the process till it goes to Judge Herman.
    In the end even that elected official has an agenda!

  8. This is ALL ok, because its who these Land lords are! Trust me about this! Its ok for trash and all other eyesore problems! This will not be taking care of and thats the BOTTOM LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. What a drawing to bad the person who drew it does not have any thing better to do.Also to bad know one cleans it off the side walk.

  10. Probably not 1 homeowner lives in that area. High taxes causes low home prices which causes investors to buy. Guess what those investors do, take guaranteed govt money ie ( section 8 )
    But we have Cola pride!

  11. Who is in charge of the sidewalks?
    Codes, report and follow up.
    Police, report and insist property owner cleans up. Again follow up
    Its the only way to get it accomplished.
    Experienced here

  12. Ideally, this is where we need the presence of that foot patrol that the mayor spoke of. If the police walked down south fourth street every evening for a while, it might send a message that things have to change and that people are watching. Why does this trashing the place have to simply be tolerated.

  13. I was told that the Borough can't do anything unless rats start showing up!

  14. Just have a resident call the police and file a report, it's as simple as that.
    YES it takes time and is a pain in the butt sometimes, but the good cops will listen and act on it.

  15. If that truly was the answer you were given, then the person that made that statement should be named and quoted publicly. No one should have to live in filth, waiting for rats to show up. If these are rental units, then cite the landlords repeatedly until they put pressure on the tenants to stop littering.

  16. This is NOT the image that Columbia is working toward. This stretch of Fourth Street is like a ghetto, does Columbia really want that image?

  17. It is the landlords responsibility and they need fined! If you called the police and were not satisfied then call the Mayor, he is in charge of the police.
    FYI. Its apparent any numbered street south of Locust, excluding the double digit blocks are not a concern of your elected officials.
    Just my observation.

  18. don't forget "3 strikes your out rule" call police for rental disturbances. ask them to do a disruptive conduct report. BUT ONLY call for a real issue. loud, drugs, fighting, etc. CALL CODES for other issues....trash, dog shit, high grass and weeds, etc. it's past time for the TAXPAYING HOMEOWNERS OF THIS BORO TO STAND UP AND DEMAND THE BORO POWERS THAT BE TO ADDRESS ALL THESE PROBLEMS WITH RENTAL PROPERTIES. WE PAY FOR IT.

  19. The scums live down town and the mighty high live up town! Always been that way and will always will!! OOOPS, land lords live up town but they love the scums MONEY!!!!!!

  20. I want to make sure the word gets out:
    Yesterday, I saw a teenage boy with broom in hand sweeping the gutter area in the 100 block of sout fourth street. Thanks to this young man for doing what is right. He is setting an example.