Sunday, July 5, 2015

Columbia park belongs to gang

The following letter was published in last Friday's LNP and is posted here with permission of the author.


  1. Hey GOOF if I'm sitting in the park with my kids and you want to put on a (STUPID) show then you can expect your medical bills piling up and your parents asking WHY. Think twice before you do something (STUPID), IT'S not worth the effort. Think about it for awhile.

  2. Back in the day the Rulers of the Park were the Alley Cats!!
    Now they were the days that the police would drive around the park and beam their lights on or actually park, walk up to you and ask you to settle down. If it was after curfew, you were told to leave.
    Now of course resistance leads to a disorderly conduct or a trespassing fine.
    One warning, maybe two warnings, but strike three and you went to Judge Hermesky and YES Guilty and fined! Under age your parent or guardian paid!
    The Alley Cats,,,, well they actually didn't bother anyone unless you were there to cause trouble!!!
    That's how a Mayor, his Police Department and The Justice of the Peace worked together in the past.
    Perhaps you got a bad apple in the police department or a frustrated one.
    Either way, the residents vote for The Mayor and Justice of the Peace!!
    Pray and make change!!!
    Its not the police department though.
    Thank you.

  3. I ain't letting no so called gang keep me and my kids from any park in my town....they can try and run me out of where I grew up but they aunt gonna succeed...I will put a beat down on anyone who tries....cops need to stop and do their jobs right and get that filth off the streets and keep this town a safe and better place then places in this is too short for all this nonsense !!!!.I'll be damned if I let ppl run and ruin my town!!! Get outta here!!!!

    1. Don't blame the Police for Idiots who cause these problems there is only so much the Police can do and the rest is up to the Courts, complain to the Judges.

  4. Let's think about this.. Everyone wants the local Police to handle all that is amiss in this town. Well, just how many of the parents in this town can say where their kids are, at any given time? Next, lets just look at how many Officers the Boroughs elected persons, are willing to pay or HIRE, to work here. AND how many persons are willing at this time, to put their lives on the line to protect our citizens, especially when they do not get any backing from the council or the so called officials in the Borough office. This Borough needs FULL TIME POLICE OFFICERS, NOT PART TIME OFFICERS. We have part time Officers, that have full time jobs or many part time jobs, so they are not always available. OUR BOROUGH POLICE ARE WORKING TWELVE HOUR SHIFTS AND ARE DOING WHAT THEY CAN WITH USUALLY ONLY TWO OFFICERS PER SHIFT, FOR THE WHOLE BOROUGH. This town has a lot more calls for help, no matter what kind of help the people are calling for, than some of the bigger departments. Lots of the departments have more officers on duty at any time, than COLUMBIA BOROUGH has on their whole force. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Go to a council meeting and demand more Police Officers be hired---FULL TIME OFFICERS! Also, make sure the people of this town take more responsibility for their own children, and try teaching them to have some respect for authority and others property! That alone would be wonderful! The Officers could then concentrate on other things, such as drug problems, shootings, assaults, accidents, and the MANY other crimes that happen in and around the town. Also, it would be nice if the 'authorities' in the Boro. office could check out some of the persons they give permits to! For instance, I was advised one of the 'transient permit persons' caused a ruckus and they found out he was wanted in another area! HMMMMM.

    1. Are you serious? The Columbia Police officers ASKED to change to 12 hour shifts, that is THEIR choice. Also, with at least 15 full-time police officers, why are only two officers working per shift? Where the hell are the other 13+ police officers?!!! The REAL taxpayers of this borough can't afford higher taxes for more police officers!!!

    2. The town allocates more than enougg taxpayer money to the police force. The problem is we pay too much for too few. The pay & benefits are way above what this town can afford. Cola uses all of its municipal real estate taxes just to pay for police protection.

    3. Can the entire department, go to state police. These cops want and get way more than us taxpayers can afford. Start a new department in a year with a new contract. One that has reasonable premiums, copays and deductibles. And make it part of the contract that they must live within the borough. That will eliminate all of the current cowboys!

  5. Fulltime is the way to go!!!
    Someone actually understands my Impaired Comments!!!
    Thank you and now residents speak up!!!
    And not on Facebook, please.

  6. It's too bad that the cops are being paid tax money (OUR money) to babysit brats.

  7. Yes, I am serious. Oh, I forgot, since there are at lease 15 fulltime Officers, maybe they just can't be injured or off on an on the job injury, or they certainly should not take any vacation, heaven forbid they have any parts of family lives. They should just work the 24-7 schedule to keep all of you safe, don't worry about their safety or families. Yes, they did ask for the 12 hour shifts, trying to get some time to spend with their wives & children, but since the drug use and other dangerous problems have happened they have been putting themselves on the line for all residents, weather they are taxpayers or not, if they reside in this Borough! Now how are you aware of them asking for the shift change if you are not one of the so called 'elected officials?' Now you all can sleep well, as long as the few officers the Borough does have, will continue to do their best to keep you safe, even if it means spending less time as a family person, etc.

    1. Find another job if you don't like it!!!

    2. explain why a police car drove past the park several times on July 8 and did not move the teens that where there?
      I actually witness one drive by at 4 pm and there where about 15 teens there and nothing was done. Let's be proactive here!

    3. It's not against the law for a teen to be in the park. Also just because they didn't have their lights and sirens on doesn't mean they are not going to some sort of call.

    4. whatever dude.

  8. We are PAYING for this service and dearly at that, so we must demand to be served properly. No excuses, this is a 24/7 position. Somewhere over the years, it was decided that it would be a good idea to have a large number of rental properties. Since then, I have watched the homes get trashed as drug users move in bringing crime with them. It's good some of the previous homeowners are dead now, because to see this would kill them. So as it is they have to be rolling over in their graves. If we have to pay high taxes then let's live like we are, not settle for what the borough decides to give us.

  9. The mayor is who the police and chief answer to.
    Then the District Justice decides how much paperwork he wants for a trial.
    Get fulltime officers, with our tax dollars!!!
    Put the fault where it is!!!!!!
    Mmmmm 2 people.....

  10. Part of the "GANG"July 6, 2015 at 11:24 PM

    But what you haven't noticed was the "gang" who is there everyday are the teenagers who go to school and always have good grades and make your town noticed, this so called gang is such a fake the real kids that sgould be pointed out to this are the kids who only go once and never come back. Yes we may skate, or scooter around the park yet we are respectful enough move out of the way of people and bo we do NOT use the park benches as skating equipment we use them to sit on, or mainly we sit in the beautiful grass what about what this town? Everything that was for kids was always taken away what are us teenagers supposed to do? We tried volunteering but we felt uncomfortable because the way we are treated. Things you don't notice you take everything good away for any teenager and when we do hang out in a certain place with our friend we are called a "gang" we don't even scar people have you seen the way we are treated we are always treated disrespectfully and always blamed for being like other teens not all teens are the same. PARK SCHOOL "GANG" ARE RESPECTFUL KIDS. I will stand against you full heartedly because what you are saying is completely full of lies maybe if this town wouldn't take away what we enjoyed we wouldn't be in "trouble" as much as you make it out to be.

  11. 1. get rid of the hundreds and hundreds of rental properties NOW. they continue to bring the property values down and the whole town.
    2. LAW should REQUIRE 4 officers per shift. NOT 2. it's not safe. they changed that few years back. smh. Either have police and support them or regionalize. that's it. one or the other.
    3. get rid of the Mayor and Chief.
    4. encourage friends, family to get involved. attend boro council mtgs. run for office. we need a whole new that is NOT afraid to say NO to all this bs spending.

  12. Let the good children play!!! It's a PARK!!!
    Stop judging them as a whole!!!!
    Report the smart ass disrespectful ones, take their pic! Don't be afraid.
    I see and meet many respectful children,of all income levels and some A students some with learning disabilities, yet respectful!!!#
    The elected officials keep making up more and more rules and guidelines that narrows down what children can do or go!
    They need somewhere!!
    Let the children play!
    Teach them well!!
    Show them all the beauty they pocess inside!!!!!
    Give them a sence of pride, to make it easier!!!
    They are you future!!!!!!

    I think that's a Whitney song

  13. How about the parents police their own kids and let the Police focus on real matters.