Sunday, July 19, 2015

An extension of occupancy for a condemned building?

The notice shown above was seen this morning posted on the property at 421 Walnut Street rear, which borders Avenue G. Basically, it is a notification forbidding occupancy of the building beyond a specific date.  But what is that date? The first date written on the notice is June 29 of this year, which obviously has come and gone.  The date was apparently then revised by JMH to August 2. However, at Columbia Borough Council's June 22 meeting of the whole, the original date of condemnation was announced to be June 26.  So, why does the date keep changing?

Is this building safe for occupancy or not?  If it is, why has this notice been posted? If it's not safe, then it should be condemned immediately and the tenants moved to another property at the expense of the landlord. An unsafe structure won't necessarily abide by arbitrary dates.


  1. Only in The Ghetto#!
    Oh I meant Columbia Boro!!
    That big old tourist attraction.
    Must not be on the agenda!!!#

  2. This building does not look bad from the outside. Appears to be clean and neat in comparison to other units. I wonder what the problem is??

  3. wow and the saga continues. codes dept is a J O K E. that costs the taxpayers WAY too much money, especially for the lacksa daisy way they do things. and depends who you are. and WHY don't they go check on other areas of town?

  4. I lived in that building on Avenue G several years ago. There were more holes in the roof than a shanty town. Literally had 10-15 bowls out to capture the rain. The roof is a patchwork quilt of tin, different color shingles etc. There were also pest issues. Not sure if that's the reason why it's condemned but I can only imagine that those problems haven't improved. It was a really cool building though, very historic, brick floors, wide plank polished floors.

  5. Thanks for explaining that, it sounds like it's beautiful. Too bad it's not being properly maintained.