Wednesday, July 1, 2015

About Town June Wrap-up

Some shots from around town in June and elsewhen . . . 

Welder at the Columbia Water Company

 Pressure washing the bus stop near Third & Linden

 A ladder to a stairway to a walkway at Columbia Water Company
(Your money at work)


Artillery near 304 Union 

We initially thought this was the artillery piece to be substituted for our existing piece in the plaza of the Veterans Memorial Bridge, as discussed at a council meeting last year.
Columbia Spy checked the plaza and found that no substitution had been made for the existing piece.

 Seen on the side of a bomb car
Keep this number handy. We might need it.

 Goin' fishin'

 This used to be a common sight around town.  Not so much these days.

 OK . . .

 Councillor kayaking

 Crows plotting

 Rufus T. Firefly

 Caught one

 Hawk surveying


 Lost and cranky

 Cutting concrete on Central Avenue

 One squirrel's trash is another squirrel's . . .
Well, never mind.


  1. Get the artillery Back!! It's not councils, it belongs to the taxpayers!!
    While your at it get all the Keeley Stoves Back to Our Market!!
    I'm a property owner and tac payer in Columbia!
    There is my opinion.
    Now let's do a poll.

    1. Our artillery is safe so far. I just checked it last week, as I do periodically. Unfortunately, the National Guard can legally take it any time they want. They said they would replace it with another piece, but I don't think they should take it at all. It's ours.

  2. Yes, it belongs to Columbia and it should remain here. The government is always trying to take something. Little by little they take more and more. There is not a more fitting place than at the bridge where it now rests peacefully.

    1. Right, the placement of the cannons is symbolic.

  3. Thank you for all the great pictures.