Saturday, June 13, 2015

Unstable building - more from the scene

The property at 208-210 Locust Street was reported to be unstable today. Emergency crews responded to the scene at about 4:30 this afternoon.  The 200 block of Locust Street was shut down as the building was investigated.

 The 200 block of Locust Street was lined with emergency vehicles.

 A county collapse team was also on the scene.

 There was obvious damage to the building's facade.

 Firefighters alerted neighbors.

A longer view of the building.

 Personnel inspected the building's interior.

 From across the street, Mike Hite of the Lancaster County Rescue Task Force scrutinized the building for movement.

Emergency personnel discussed concerns about the building's structural integrity.

A building restoration team was brought in to shore up the front of the structure with a steel beam.

The apartment building is owned by Sam Bigler.


  1. Good report on the building and good pictures

  2. They knew this building was in bad shape, meaning borough!! Again, nothing done until this shit happens!! Columbia people should remember this when voting for election!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is correct this building's deteriorating structure has been noted by many for a long time. Then suddenly, on a Saturday, everyone is thrust into a panic. It could have been addressed long ago.

  4. i agree. the integrity of this building has been questionable for many years....along with some others in the Boro. And again during the weekend. Someone please explain to us taxpaying homeowners WHY the Boro, Boro Council and Zoning Officer along with his deputies are so incompetent. Maybe instead of looking busy, dept head should be available to the public X number of hours every week. maybe also, the Zoning officer SHOULD return and should TAKE phone calls. This is unacceptable from every way you look at it. The code dept again for the millionth time, SHOULD be ONLY concentrating on SERIOUS ISSUES. NOT grass 10 inches high. not 1 bag trash. SERIOUS issues.