Thursday, June 18, 2015

This property is condemned

208-210 Locust Street has been officially deemed unsafe by the codes department.


  1. the date is 5 - 1- 12.................does that mean the codes dept sat on this for 3 years AFTER condemning it????????????

    1. Yes, remember those who have the GOLD makes the RULES!!!!!

  2. It does say "unsafe structure" so that is a valid question, why is it permitted to be unsafe for years?
    That condemned sign was just put up very recently, so according to the date on it, would it have to be displayed since 2012 or is it permissible to remove it? I am asking because I do not know or understand how that works.

  3. seriously???? if i were this bad at my J O B I wouldn't be there. period. this is VERY serious.