Monday, June 29, 2015

Synthetic marijuana plague taxes police, emergency responders in Columbia and elsewhere

"Our patrolmen encounter it at least once a shift now," said Columbia Borough Det. Matt Leddy. "There's been a  sharp spike in the amount of people using it."
Sometimes users are hallucinating and it's affecting people very differently, said Leddy.


  1. Want to try something? Put peoples names if of age online so other people can watch out for them! Also, follow the drug trail. You will see and be surprised where it leads too! And to whom!!!

  2. Synthetic has actually killed a Columbia man recently. I also know of one that was hospitalized.
    Synthetic is highly dangerous.
    I'd like to see marijuana legalized but this synthetic needs to be removed in the Boro!!
    Thanks to the police for their efforts!!!

    1. They are scared of the dealers in this town! They are wasting our tax money!!

  3. They are not Scared,,,,
    Everything takes time,,, let the honest police do their job.
    Also don't be afraid to give info to the police.
    It does help.