Friday, June 26, 2015

Columbia School District wants to serve a free breakfast to all students



  1. Excellent, I hope it happens. Some kids come from poorly educated parents that do not earn much and cannot manage money properly. Sometimes the money cannot be stretched far enough to cover all basic needs. The children are not at fault for being hungry.

    1. Then don't complain when your taxes go up or do you have the Access Card and get FREE money from the State?

  2. Absolutely not, I worked full time all of my adult life, as a single mother for most of those years to raise my two kids and I know all to well how difficult it can be to pay for groceries. I actually had a very good paying job AND still found it challenging to pay the mortgage, bills, and buy groceries. I can only imagine if I was working for the low wages some people earn. I would rather pay taxes to feed hungry children then pay to line the wallets of those with high paying positions in this school district. I've paid taxes in this borough for decades.

  3. bingo!!!! we need to get rid of ALL the principals, ass't principals, etc. when i went to school the principal DID IT ALL. He didn't have 10 assistants each making almost $100,000. PER YEAR this is Columbia......WE CAN NOT AFFORD IT. THE TAXPAYING HOMEOWNERS CONTINUE TO LOSE THIER HOMES EVERY DAY. I'm not really sure WHY all the School Board Members can NOT see this. Another nail on our coffin.

  4. in ref to meals and food. HOW can Columbia Boro get away with NOT publishing restaurant inspections????? everyone else has to. per State rules. wth?????? columbia news and reviews always list all the info on the inspections.