Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bring a flashlight - Bridge lights will be off

Due to the infestation of mayflies on the Veterans Memorial Bridge and the problems associated with them, the Borough of Columbia, Wrightsville Borough and West Hempfield Township have agreed to turn off  the lights on the bridge until further notice. Please make sure to  bring a flashlight when  traveling the bridge on foot.   Please travel slowly by vehicle.


  1. This should not be any different than driving on Rt. 30 bridge, as they have not had any lights on it since it was built, right? It may also save someone the cost of the electric for the lights. Guess they should have considered putting the new lights up higher, and maybe checked to see if this is why the old lights were higher. It helps if there's a breeze to move the bugs...and there would be a breeze if the lights were higher, wouldn't it?

  2. i think they should look into lightbulb replacements!!! maybe less bright hint yellow/amber. someone will have to do the homework!