Monday, June 8, 2015

Bomb cars at Columbia Plaza

A little red engine that could was busy squirreling away oil cars (aka "bomb cars") behind Sahd Salvage today after hauling them on tracks running along Shawnee Creek. Traffic on Route 462, near Columbia Plaza, was snared with every crossing of the train. Let's hope and pray the cars are empty.  At last month's meeting of the whole, Councillor Barry Ford said if such cars blow, the explosion could claim a large portion of the town. 


  1. The Sahd's have been and are good members of our community. I am sure that safety is a priority to them.

  2. Less than likely to be actually transporting oil to the salvage...maybe scrapping these particular cars?

  3. They are propane cars (UN1075) not oil. Did McKonley put in an unloading rack for his business? The cars are not scrap as they are still carrying placards, indicating they are full or contain residual vapor.

    1. Thank you for trying to stop the hysteria of the so called "Bomb Trains". A little education goes a long way.

  4. the Sahd's ARE good people who are very good to this town...even after the Boro cost them millions of dollars trying to steal the RR out from under them. What an ugly thing to do. Each and every council person SHOULD have been thrown in jail for misconduct at the very least for that bulls---. People, attend boro council'll see how they shove/push stuff thru that should attract the attention and opinion of most taxpayers!