Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Work continues on Ironville Pike

Today . . .


  1. I wish the work would complete on the home on second block of N Third St. There has been a dumpster in the street for almost a year now. Do they have a permit for that? Yeah...right we are improving the area....instead we have had to deal with a dumpster eye sore.....

  2. In other news, Columbia Family Restaurant is moving out to the K-Mart area. The medicine shop is moving next to the dollar store at the small Musser's, and Advanced Auto ia going where the Columbia Family Rest. is!!

    1. Also A&L DOORS is moving out of Columbia!

  3. The powers that be want the corridor leading into the borough to look inviting, but at the rate the project on north third is moving we will not see it in our lifetime.

  4. Ken & Becky's is considering a move as well.